Builders & Realtors

Provide Extra Benefits to Your Clients

Elite Real Estate Management doesn’t sell real estate, but you do. If you are afraid of losing clients and potential profits to a property management company that also sells or leases real estate, you can lay those fears to rest when you come to us. We focus on professional and reliable property management while you focus on what you do best – selling and leasing properties.

Our success is built on communication, trust, integrity and constantly improving our services and brand. We also have a solid no-poach agreement that we sign when you become part of the Elite Referral Program. It means you have a partner in the property management field that you can rely on and who has your best interests in mind at all times. Whether you are looking to sell properties or relocate tenants, we would be delighted to partner with you to ensure your client gets the best possible property management service and care.

For Realtors

For realtors and sales representatives, our real estate management services are an attractive proposition for prospective buyers.

For Builders

Our services allow you to make the entire real estate investment process as simple and attractive as possible by offering your clients a complete turnkey solution.

Discover the Many Benefits of Becoming an Elite Partner

Today, reputation is important, but diversification is what can really set you apart from the crowd. A partnership with ELITE allows you to offer your client more services without complicating your brand and gives you peace of mind that you are referring them to a brand that you trust. Our partnerships are built on integrity, expertise and experience. When you refer a client to us, you can be sure that their requirements will be handled seamlessly and safely by our team of expert property managers.

The ELITE Referral Program – The Power of Partnerships

For Realtors and Builders, a partnership with a professional and experienced real estate management company can pay huge dividends. Our referral program works for both parties in mutually beneficial ways.

Here’s how it works:

1.Refer your clients to us in the same way you would refer them to any of your other trusted partners or contractors. We offer a wide range of services to property investors and homeowners alike.

2. We will work closely with you and your client to create a custom-tailored package of our services.

3. If the client you referred decides they need realtor services (i.e. lease or sell) in the future for the property that we manage, we will refer them back to you when the time comes. We have a “no poaching agreement” to sign when you refer your client to us to manage their properties!


Quite simply, our services allow you to focus on your core services while extending your brand and enhancing your reputation.